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Shoeboxes for CEF

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Indian Hill Bible Church is committed to serving Missionaries around the world.  Click on the latest information from our Missionairies and how  IHBC projects have supported the spreading of the Gospel!


Haiti Pastor Training Mission

Hey glory!  Dear Prayer-Partners,


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  As we finish the year 2023 and look forward to the year 2024, there are many thoughts that may come to our mind.  We can look back and see how the Lord was faithful, we might look back and have some regrets.  We can look forward to the new year with confidence that the Lord will always be faithful, and we might look forward and want to change some things in our lives.  In the book of Deuteronomy, the children of Israel were in a similar situation.  They were looking back at where they had been...and they were looking forward to entering the promised land the Lord had promised them.  The Lord reminded them of a few important things to keep in mind.  He told them it was His love that brought them out of slavery to bring them into the promised land (4:37,38), but He also let them know why there were testings along the way (8:2,3).  He reminded them of the importance of His Word (6:4-7), and He reminded them to be careful not to forget Him when they had been blessed (6:12; 8:11-14,17,18).  Then He reminds them what we all need to hear...even though they had failed at times...they get a second chance (9:1,7, 15-21; 10:1, 12-22)!  Thank you Lord, for your patience and faithfulness.  God is good!!!


Lord willin' and the crik don't rise...well, it rose...the river that is.  After a week of rain we could not cross the river to get to church for Christmas Sunday.  We rounded up all our church folks this side of the river and had a service in the yard of one of our members.  We had 55 people in our outdoor, Christmas service and across the river in the church building they had 72.  We all were blessed and were rejoicing the way the Lord worked everything out to bring Him glory!  ( pics below)


100!!!  You have seen a pic of this widow before, but this one was on her 100th birthday!


Again...Happy New Year to you all,


Pastor Dave & Ceres

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Reaching Indians Ministries International

IHBC recently collected funds for Dari's.  These rugs are put on the ground during the 2-3 hour worship service.  If you would like to donate to the Dari fund, Click on the star or donate to IHBC and put "RIMI Dari" in the notes. 

Andy & Lea Ferrier
Midwest Messianic Center

Reaching Jewish people with the good news that Jesus (Yeshua), is the Jewish Messiahis the focus of Andy's ministry with the Midwest Messianic Center.

"It has been thrilling to see Jewish people come to faith in Jesus through my ministry in Chicago over the years."

Teaching, Speaking and Evangelizing, Andy enjoys sharing on topics, such as;

* Jesus in Passover.

* Jesus in the Feasts of Israel.

* Seminar on Jewish evangelism.

* Close to Construction: the movement in Israel to rebuild the Temple.

* Israel, Iran, & Atomic Bombs: Israel’s coming war with Iran.

* Jews & people in the pews: God’s plan for Israel and the Church.

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